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Borrowers Bitter

Posted on: Mar-12th-2015

At the request of many landlords a new beer has been introduced to the core range of Leighton Buzzard beers.  Requests have been for a lower ABV bitter – perfect for a long session.

It has even been said that my beer is too hoppy for some (can a beer be too hoppy?!) so although brewed with four different English hops Borrowers Bitter is an easy drinking beer everyone can enjoy.  And at only 3.6% they can have a few!

For those of you that know Leighton Buzzard the name want need any explaining however for those from further afield Mary Norton the author of the classic series of children’s stories ‘The Borrowers’ was a Leighton Buzzard resident when she wrote the books in the large house (now the Middle School) at the bottom of the High Street.


Four Buzzard Beers Heading for NWAF 2015

Posted on: Jan-21st-2015


The Leighton Buzzard Brewing Co is pleased to have been invited to send four beers to the CAMRA National Winter Ale Festival.  The festival runs from the 11th to the 14th February and takes place in ‘The Roundhouse’ in Derby.  Our beer will be 4 of 400 beers at the festival!

We are also pleased to have been asked to provide Restoration Ale, Narrow Gauge and Rebel Yell to the Colchester Winter Ale Festival taking place from the 28th – 31st January 2015.

North Bedfordshire CAMRA visit

Posted on: Jan-11th-2015

The North Bedfordshire CAMRA branch visited the brewery back in November.  Some photos below of the night.  If any other CAMRA branches fancy visiting get in touch.

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New Beer

Posted on: Jan-11th-2015


Unable to resist playing with some recently purchased Mosaic hops a new beer is going to be available through January and potentially into February.  The Mosaic hops deliver a big citrusy whack with the quantity used ensuring a long bitter finish overlaying a rich maltiness.

The beer has been available from the brewery shop since New Year Eve with plenty of repeat purchases on Saturdays since.  The Cuckoo in Toddington has been the first pub to stock the beer – benefitting from the fact that Ben doesn’t use pump-clips as they have only just arrived from the printers – but the Red Lion in Dagnall, Axe & Compass in Heath & Reach and the Three Locks in Stock Hammond are other local pubs which will be taking deliveries this week.

The beer is called ‘Sandman’ after Leighton Buzzard’s sandy heritage.



Look who’s back….

Posted on: Dec-7th-2014

…Little Buzzard Bakery are back by popular demand with their pop-up stall at the brewery shop on the 20th December selling their amazing range of baked goods.

Steve will have been up all night baking fresh Rebel Yell bread which will be available along with his Smokin’ Angel Christmas Puddings and fresh mince pies.



Brewery Shop Christmas Hours and Orders

Posted on: Dec-7th-2014

The Brewery Shop will be open each Saturday over the Christmas and New Year period as normal 10m – 4pm.  We will also be open on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with reduced hours of 11am – 3pm.

I am already taking lots of orders for beer for collection over this period and I would advise you do this to make sure that the beer of your choice is available.

Ideally give me a minimum of three day’s notice but even if you just let me know via email, phone or twitter on the day the shop is open I can try and get it ready for you in advance to save me selling out before you arrive.

If you want beer outside of the above shop hours this is also possible by arrangement.

A reminder of prices may be helpful:


  • 2 & 4 pt at £2.50/pt


  • 5L (9 pt) – £18
  • 10L (18 pt) – £34
  • 20L (36pt) – £60

Finally don’t forget we have the award winning Woughton Orchard cider available from a local artisan cider maker in Milton Keynes.  Available in the same quantities as the beer at the same price.




Narrow Gauge guest beer in House of Commons

Posted on: Nov-20th-2014

Narrow Gauge our 3.9% Golden Ale is this week the guest beer in the Stranger’s bar at the House of Commons.  Jon went to Parliament to meet Andrew Selous the local MP who kindly arranged for our beer to feature in the House.

It was a great day and brilliant to see our beer served in such a prestigious setting.



Little Buzzard Bakery at the Brewery

Posted on: Nov-4th-2014

The Little Buzzard Bakery will have a stall at the brewery shop on Saturday 22nd November.  They will be offering a selection of their fantastic handmade loafs and cookies along with a special bread made using our beer like this one made with Smokin’ Angel!

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First bottles finally arrive

Posted on: Oct-29th-2014

The first bottles of Leighton Buzzard Brewing Co beer have arrived back from the bottlers.  Narrow Gauge is the first bottled beer to be available with Rebel Yell and Restoration Ale expected back in early November. NG BottleBottles

Bottles are available at the brewery shop on Saturday’s at £2.50 each or a case of 12 for £25.  Gift packs of three beers or two and a glass with be available shortly.

Rebel Yell voted Beer of the Festival in Milton Keynes

Posted on: Oct-21st-2014

Leighton Buzzard Brewing Company’s Rebel Yell black IPA has been awarded the ‘Beer of the Festival’ title at the Milton Keynes CAMRA ‘Concrete Pint’ beer festival 15th – 18th October.  1,492 people visited the festival over the four days and drank 4,646 pints.  In the public vote Rebel Yell was voted as the favourite ahead of Oakham Ales’ Green Devil IPA and Citra.

Apparently the other two beers we had at the festival Narrow Gauge and Restoration Ale were also in the top 10 in the vote in 6th and 9th respectively!