Special Occasions

At Leighton Buzzard Brewing Company we can help you to celebrate all your special occasions. From birthdays to weddings and christenings we can ensure your mark the day in style. From hiring the brewery tap as venue to supplying personalised beer, there is something for any occasion.

Beer for Special Occasions

Please contact us if you have an upcoming special occasion and would like to have some of our beer. We are able to provide our beer in pins (36 pints) and casks (72 pints) and provide the necessary stillage for storing and serving the beer. A deposit is payable and will be returned when the cask and any equipment is returned to us. We’d recommend a sampling session so that you can select your beer from those available at the time. For local events we are normally able to offer delivery of casks.

Bright Beer

Subject to a minimum of 2 days’ notice we can arrange for beer to be served ‘bright’ which means it can be served immediately. There is no yeast sediment in bright beer and therefore it does not need to be settled in location before serving.

Wooden Barrels

We also  have a limited number of authentic wooden casks which add even more depth of flavour to our beer and look fantastic.



Personalised Labels


To create an extra special gift we can supply bottles for you to apply your own labels. We can work closely with you  and our suppliers to get a professional, personalised label made. Availability is subject to a  minimum order of 15 cases (180 bottles). We can even work with our suppliers to arrange a one off pump clip for your special occasion.


Venue Hire

Our Brewery Tap provides a unique and interesting venue for the hosting of birthday parties and other special occasions. The indoor space can seat approximately people, and there is plenty of outdoor space for gazebos. There is space for a DJ or small live band to set up, inside the taproom and of course there will be plenty of beer.